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Harp Strategy offer bespoke coaching services to evolve your Corporate teams, Individuals and Communities to an Integrated Service Culture.

You can't introduce New Ways of Working, without considering the teams, who you expect will take it on. 

Harp Strategy helps Leaders to understand their team dynamic, and how you can empower, support and engage with your team to adopt new Services, Models and Frameworks to collectively achieve success.

People and Culture is what brings everything together.

This is what embeds, improves and brings life to your capability, and so much more!

The Harp Coaching Model works with all individuals within your team to understand what drives them and what they need from you to be successful. 

Everyone is unique and different, which is your Super-Power.


Working with members of your team we can identify and provide insights on how you can all work together more efficiently. 


Our goal is to be The Change of Corporate Work-life and to design paths toward a more integrated, supportive, and respectful culture where everyone is genuinely inspired to be part of your team. 


Through extensive practical experience we understand what greatness can be achieved through effective engagement, when working closely with teams to re-align, co-create, collaborate and improve performance. 

Harp Strategy help you to finally break down those silo's and give clarity and vision on everyone's important co-contribution toward  Service Value. 

We are human-centric to the core and understand that people are your Strength and your Greatest Asset.

They always were.


Did you know that Gartner reports one of the reasons many Digital Transformation Initiatives fail is due to Culture Blindness. Culture is one of the biggest barriers. 

And we see this all the time on our Consulting engagements, often when required to retrospectively address Program Issues, due to a lack of Stakeholder engagement, input and buy-in (at various role levels).

Culture should be considered across everything.

With Harp Strategy's help we can introduce methods to shift your Culture to an Integrated- Service-Centric-Empowered one. 

We don't believe in avoiding the People who are seen as blockers, we want to engage them, we want to listen, we want to understand. We do not discriminate. 

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