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Current State Assess
Service Integration Vision



How well are you managing your Service Provider ecosystem?

Are you confident you are heading in the right direction?


Many Organisations believe they have adopted and implemented SIAM, however often this has just been inherited under the Service Management umbrella or dispersed across Service Provider Functions. Without the change of focus, it needs, to be successful. 

Harp Strategy performs comprehensive Discovery to evaluate all elements applicable to Service Integration across the ecosystem for varied Client Structures and Models.


This allows us to have a holistic view and tease out the areas which are a Risk to Service Assurance, mapped to your unique Objectives for Service Value.


We believe true Service Integration is Holistic, and Knowledge is Power. 


We can then share insights and recommendations on a practical approach to uplift your SIAM capability.

Harp Strategy offer a high-level 4 week SIAM Assessment, as a short sharp, budget friendly engagement to give you clarity on your SIAM Maturity with a clear path forward for success. 

4 week SIAM Assessment includes: 

SIAM Health & Maturity = SIAM Capability Insights

SIAM Practical Roadmap = Understand where to Focus Effort

SIAM Assurance on Programs = Make informed decisions

Empower your Service Providers = Clear direction across Teams


If this sounds like something your Organisation needs to progress your SIAM Journey and give you the Clarity to address the Grey areas, we would love to chat. 


SERVICE integration vision

Harp Strategy leverages off extensive Service Management and Service Integration Practitioner experience across multiples Industries and diverse environments within Business Enterprise and IT. 


We harness holistic insight on how to orchestrate the Integration of Services, Functions, People, IT & Business Process, Technology, Data, Governance and Commercial Arrangements across the Service Model and IT Operating Model, in the right area, at the right level, at the right time. 


We can help articulate why your Organisation should embark down a Service Integration Path to improve end-to-end Management before introducing change, investment and sponsorship.


With a complete view of your current state environment through a Service Integration Value Lens 

we define your unique Strategic Vision mapped to Business Objectives. 


With guidance on target areas to address and practical ways to adopt a contemporary model. 

Be ready and start planning now toward effective management of your Service Provider eco-system. 


SIAM Model & Roadmap

What is the right SIAM Service Integration Model for you?

Are you transitioning Services, onboarding new Service Providers, re-aligning Internal Teams, or wish to leverage more from a current arrangement and investment?

Harp Strategy drive a comprehensive Discovery and Strategic Analysis Approach. 


We believe the definition of Services mapped to the end-to-end Service Model,

'Enterprise-wide' is a critical component of Service Design that gives you the clarity to make strategic decisions on Service Integration. 

At the forefront of all Harp Strategy engagements is Design to Execute. 

Your Service Model Design needs to be practical and will consider what provides the greatest Value to your Organisation with a Target Roadmap for Implementation. 



Adopting a Practical Attitude and Human-Centric approach to Service Integration allows us to target tangible outcomes for our Clients. 

With a primary Focus on Value we tailor Implementation Strategies using our Pod Framework to deliver Rapid Benefits toward your Service Integration Vision & Goals. 

Cultural Change Management and the introduction of New Ways of Working, is an important element of successful Service Integration which is considered on all Harp Strategy engagements and during all stages of your Roadmap. 

Stakeholder Collaboration on the SIAM Service Integration Model, allows us to Execute with confidence, and further embed end-to-end Ownership and Accountability. 

This is True Service Integration Success. 



A solid Service Management Foundation will provide clarity on Integration decisions and underpin the Design of a SIAM Model. 

Harp Strategy can help Shift the Lens on your Service Management Practices and Business Model, to simplify and adopt New Ways of Working across your landscape and connect all Best Practice Frameworks toward one mutual goal. 


With a clear view on the current state, we can focus on what is important to support your Strategic Vision. And guide you on how you can apply more agility or uplift capability to increase performance across the Service Lifecycle. 

Harp Strategy offer Best Practice Service Management Consulting Services (Enterprise-wide):


  • Strategy & Roadmap

  • Service Operating Model 

  • Service Management Consulting as a Service (CaaS)

  • Health Checks and Maturity Assessments

  • Assurance (current Initiative and periodic check-ins)

  • Capability Uplift & Service Improvement

  • Cultural Change and Embedment

  • Realignment of Teams, Service Providers and Suppliers

  • Evaluation and onboard new Services

  • Mentor & Support Program

  • Shift from a Service Management Culture to one of Agile ITSM & SIAM


STRATEGIC Facilitation

Harp Strategy believe in Positive and Productive Alliances to deliver an outcome. 

Both Service Providers and Organisations may engage Harp Strategy to assist with holistic Service Integration Consulting Services.  


We offer an unbiased, agnostic view to pull all parties together in a viable and practical way. 

Harp Strategy can facilitate an overarching Strategy and then orchestrate Services individually and collectively to form a mutually accepted SIAM Model. 

In our opinion, early engagement and collaboration with Service Providers and Suppliers will establish a genuine high-value partner relationship to support ongoing Business.


However with the right focus, you can re-invigorate an existing Partnership to re-align Services toward a mutual goal.   

We connect with Industry and Suppliers to keep abreast of the how SIAM and ITSM can be adopted in different types of environments, complexities and maturity. This can help to guide Clients as they navigate what true Service Management and Service Integration means for them.



SIAM has a strong dependency on Best Practice Service Management capability to be a Success.


During many of our Consulting engagements we discover that the Client is wishing to adopt and implement SIAM, almost as an alternative, a plug-in or change of focus to their current Service Management capability, because they don't want to be left behind and SIAM is the next Best Practice Initiative to tackle. 


But....we find for many Clients that it is often too soon to implement SIAM, when we discover that the current state Best Practice ITIL Foundation capability is at a low maturity or may not be implemented or adopted well across the end-to-end Service Provider ecosystem. 

However, it is not too early to design for a SIAM Model while uplifting Service Management capability in parallel to support SIAM.  

This is something Harp Strategy excels at and allows you to understand what SIAM means to your environment as an extension of your Service Management capability with a clear path forward to identify exactly when & how to implement your SIAM Model. 

You don't necessarily need to implement ITIL4 capability for SIAM, ITIL3 is fine.

Although the Value Stream Mapping or ITIL4 is beneficial to SIAM and helps to understand the scope of Integration parameters of your SIAM Model.  This component of ITIL4 can be phased in and utilised for SIAM, even if you are not ready to adopt ITIL4 yet. 

We should also remember that ITIL always aimed to tackle end-to-end Service Delivery and Service Performance. The introduction of SIAM has now provided more focus and a structured collaborative approach to tackle this, which is the evolution of ITSM and the glue to leverage off your existing Service Management capability to make this happen. 


Harp Strategy has worked with many Clients to facilitate how they can tackle SIAM for their Organisation.


We do not use a cookie-cutter approach, We Design the SIAM Model for You.  

We highly recommend an ITSM Maturity Assessment with a focus on SIAM Feasibility, if you are considering SIAM. 

Service Model & Roadmap
Value Pod Implement
Service Mgt Consulting
Strategic Facilitation



Harp Strategy offer bespoke coaching services to evolve your Corporate teams, Individuals and Communities to an Integrated Service Culture.

You can't introduce New Ways of Working, without considering the teams, who you expect will take it on. 

Harp Strategy helps Leaders to understand their team dynamic, and how you can empower, support and engage with your team to adopt new Services, Models and Frameworks to collectively achieve success.

People and Culture is what brings everything together.

This is what embeds, improves and brings life to your capability, and so much more!

The Harp Coaching Model works with all individuals within your team to understand what drives them and what they need from you to be successful. 

Everyone is unique and different, which is your Super-Power.


Working with members of your team we can identify and provide insights on how you can all work together more efficiently. 


Our goal is to be The Change of Corporate Work-life and to design paths toward a more integrated, supportive, and respectful culture where everyone is genuinely inspired to be part of your team. 


Through extensive practical experience we understand what greatness can be achieved through effective engagement, when working closely with teams to re-align, co-create, collaborate and improve performance. 

Harp Strategy help you to finally break down those silo's and give clarity and vision on everyone's important co-contribution toward  Service Value. 

We are human-centric to the core and understand that people are your Strength and your Greatest Asset.

They always were.


Did you know that Gartner reports one of the reasons many Digital Transformation Initiatives fail is due to Culture Blindness. Culture is one of the biggest barriers. 

And we see this all the time on our Consulting engagements, often when required to retrospectively address Program Issues, due to a lack of Stakeholder engagement, input and buy-in (at various role levels).

Culture should be considered across everything.

With Harp Strategy's help we can introduce methods to shift your Culture to an Integrated- Service-Centric-Empowered one. 

We don't believe in avoiding the People who are seen as blockers, we want to engage them, we want to listen, we want to understand. We do not discriminate. 

Integrated Culture
SM CapabilityUplift



When Organisations are struggling to manage a remote and onsite workforce to

Adopt and Embed New Ways of Working, Harp Strategy can be engaged to act on your behalf. 

We provide a Management as a Service (MaaS) offering, with a Human-Centric Integration focus. We can evaluate what your teams and functions need, down to an individual level to be successful and integrated into new Operating Models. 

We provide one-on-one support to you and your team members.


Harp Strategy will underpin your leadership and messaging to address challenges with a human focus, which is often an area impacted when required to manage an overly demanding time-constraint complex environment.


People are your greatest asset. We will help you to coach and manage your team and influence culture to support business operations and champion your initiatives. 

With a strategic focus, we ensure there is effective engagement, collaboration and check-ins, at the right individual level. Because we are all different, with varied working styles to support our own productivity. One approach does not apply to all and knowledge of what drives and motivates individuals within teams will give you important insight. 

With our strong and extensive People Management and Organisational Change Management background, we know how to provide the right Care and Support to build genuine rapport and drive the right outcomes. 


Managers can leverage off our expertise to re-align and engage your workforce so you can focus on your business drivers. 

This is offered either as an Onsite or Virtual Service Offering and is a Managed ongoing Service, rather than a Statement of Work (SOW) Integrated- Service- Culture Coaching Service. 

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