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discovery & assurance

Knowledge is Power.

How well do you understand your Service ecosystem to make the right Service Integration decisions?

Harp Strategy use a process of Service Modeling with Holistic Integration Mapping to visually demonstrate your current state environment.  We can then clearly articulate how, where, and when adoption of a SIAM Model and Roadmap will provide tangible benefits to your Business.

We offer a flexible and digestible deliverable framework.

We encourage Organisations to only bite off as much as they can chew., to position you for ongoing success.  

Every Client is managed individually with a personalised touch to ensure we can offer value during any stage of your Roadmap. From Inception, Strategy, Implementation and Embedment.

Harp Strategy will align value to any budget, scope, maturity, timeline, culture and complexity, for your discovery and assurance engagement. 

With a well defined and methodical Discovery Model, Harp Strategy can capture all elements of your Services to evaluate how to orchestrate Integration and Delivery, with a holistic, end to end, strategic big picture view. 

We have the ability to Translate Services Value to our Clients in a more practical sense, to drive higher levels of adoption and achievable results. 

In our experience, the initial discovery phase is the most essential activity to position you successfully on your SIAM Journey.

If comprehensive enough, it will allow you to make informed decisions immediately, drive the Business Case and build Sponsorship.  

All aspects need to be considered across your Business, including Customers, Industry, Service Providers, Maturity, Culture, Budget, Complexity, Commercial Arrangements, Business Drivers and Objectives. 

We offer various Discovery engagements to suit you now!

Compare our Client Discovery Plans. 

10 days 

20 days 

60 days 

90 days 


 to understand your current state needs to consider all aspects of your Business, Service Providers, Customer, Industry, Maturity, Culture, Budget, Complexity and Objectives, to build your Roadmap Foundation. 


 focus on effort and ?



and Operating Model. Holistic evaluation and alignment to your 


, so you can make informed decisions to drive your SIAM Journey.


define your SIAM Model, 


holistically, so you can make informed decisions on your SIAM Model, Business Case and Roadmap. 


Bite off as much as you want to chew, to generate the right appetite for a Service Integration Strategy.


We personalise all of our engagements and discovery approach to your unique Environment, Industry, Maturity, Culture,  Budget, Complexity and  Objectives.





Have you considered all elements of your environment when you make Service Integration decisions?

Without careful orchestration and a holistic view, 


are you aligning and integrating all independent elements to deliver the final Service objectives?


Experience and Practical Insight has created a Harp Strategy Methodology


and that without through a conscious holistic Discovery approach across our Client engagements, that you cannot truly understand every element of your entire ecosystem to make confident and informed Service Integration decisions. 


etermine how you can informed  make Service I the level of confidence to make Service Integration decisions. 


Harp Strategy leverages off extensive Service Management and Service Integration Practitioner experience across multiples Industries and diverse environments within Business Enterprise and IT. 


We harness holistic insight on how to orchestrate the Integration of Services, Functions, People, Technology, Data and Business Processes across the Service Model, in the right area, at the right level, at the right time. 


We can help articulate why your Organisation should embark down a Service Integration Path to improve end-to-end Management before introducing change, investment and sponsorship.


With a complete view of your current state environment through a Service Integration Value Lens 

we define your unique Strategic Vision mapped to Business Objectives. 


With guidance on target areas to address and practical ways to adopt a contemporary model. 

Be ready and start planning now toward effective management of your eco-system. 

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