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Integration of Strategic Service Management

Throughout my Consulting Career, the most common challenge I see over and over again that retrospectively requires remediation, is the impact to an Organisation when they plunge headfirst into a new Transformation Initiative or Change Program before they fully understand or can clearly articulate holistic Service Management business requirements across their end-to-end Operations, Practices, Technology, Suppliers and Functions.

Integration of strategic service management

Whether adopting a new best practice trend, implementing new technology or choosing to outsource and transition core critical Services.....these all rely dependently on embedded Service Management Capability for a successful and well executed Transition to Operations.

Service Integration & Management (SIAM) will further enhance ongoing Operational success through collaboration, coordination and governance of the Service Provider and Partner Supplier ecosystem, which is also heavily dependant on well established and embedded Service Management Capability.

If Service Management Capability is such a dependency for Operational Success.....

Why is it....that so many Organisations tend to 'jump' before taking the time to understand Service Management with a 'Strategic Lens' to ensure end-to end alignment and uplift requirements are identified during early research, business strategic planning, and design stages?

Service Management is such an important asset of the Enterprise and IT Structure, but the typical culture is to engage Service Management Directors too late.

Ideally when Organisations recognise the importance and profile of overarching Service Management as a 'Strategic Function' that needs to be embedded within Enterprise Strategy, Portfolio Management & Service Design Practices, you will have more insight and opportunities to address gaps before you arrive at Service Transition.

In theory ITIL has always highlighted this type of cross-engagement, but most Organisations in practice, are not yet structured to allow for more Holistic Strategic Assurance with the right skillset to understand requirements. This is a by product of our past traditional siloed culture.

Introduction of Dev Ops and Agile recognise the importance to integrate functions, but what I often see is that Service Management still doesn't have the right profile and voice within the Organisation. And if they do, it is often too late and are left scrambling.

This is not part of 'Operational Readiness', we need 'Strategic Service Management'.

Business requirements that are translated onto the Service Management Model, will reduce unforeseen risk, issues or unnecessary complexity early on.

It will directly support Enterprise Risk Management, with the right expertise to develop roadmap strategies and build frameworks that support and balance ongoing business demand, speed, volume and service complexity.

touching water

Do you invest in Independent Strategic Service Management

& Assurance Consulting Services?

Is Service Management Assurance a pre-requisite on your Strategic Change Programs?

Do you have visibility to mitigate Service Management & Operational Risk?

Do you need Assurance to feed into the Executive Board, Steering Committee and Governance Forums?

Or do you understand your Service Management Risk but need direction on the best way to address this?

Harp Strategy offer an independent unbiased Strategic Service Management Assessment with insights and recommendations to support Change Initiatives.

Harp Strategy also provide a periodic health check-in as an outsourced option to augment your internal Service Management Assurance capability.

Harp Strategy

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