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SIAM has a strong dependency on Best Practice Service Management capability to be a Success.
Harp Strategy will give you clarity amongst the Fog, to uplift your Best Practice capability in preparation for SIAM
Harp Strategy will give you clarity amongst the Fog, to uplift your Best Practice capability in preparation for SIAM

During many of our Consulting engagements we discover that our Client's are wishing to adopt and implement SIAM, almost as an alternative, a plug-in or change of focus to their current Service Management capability, because they don't want to be left behind and SIAM is the next Best Practice Initiative to tackle.

But....we find for many Clients that it is often too soon to implement SIAM, when we discover that the current state Best Practice ITIL capability is at a low maturity or may not be implemented or adopted well across the end-to-end Service Provider ecosystem.

However, it is not too early to design for a SIAM Model while uplifting Service Management capability in parallel, to support an SIAM Implementation.

This is something Harp Strategy excels at and allows you to understand what SIAM means to your environment as an extension of your Service Management capability with a clear path forward to identify exactly when & how to implement your SIAM Model.

You don't necessarily need to implement ITIL4 capability for SIAM, ITIL3 is fine.

Although the Service Value Stream Mapping of ITIL4 is beneficial to SIAM and helps to understand the scope of Integration parameters for your SIAM Model. The Service Value Stream Mapping of ITIL4 can also be phased in and utilised within SIAM Design, even if you are not ready to adopt full-blown ITIL4 yet.

We should also remember that ITIL always aimed to tackle end-to-end Service Delivery and Service Performance.

With the introduction of SIAM, it has now provided more focus and a structured collaborative approach to tackle this, which is the evolution of ITSM, providing the glue to leverage off your existing Service Management capability, and allow us to manage end-to-end Service Performance with more clarity.

Harp Strategy has worked with many Clients to facilitate how they can tackle SIAM for their Organisation. We do not use a cookie-cutter approach, We Design the SIAM Model for You.

Harp Strategy highly recommend an ITSM Maturity Assessment with a focus on SIAM Feasibility, if you are considering SIAM.

We would love an opportunity to chat with you and discuss how we can assist on your SIAM Journey.

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Harp Strategy; SIAM; ITSM; Integrated Culture Coaching;

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