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I had the privilege to share my thoughts and perspectives with AdvisoryCloud.

"My vision is to advise boards across all industries, with varied levels of maturity and complexity, to consider ITSM and SIAM at the forefront of everything you do".

In this deep dive, I delve into my vision for the future of SIAM and ITSM. It's an immense honour to share my journey and insights into these strategic domains.

"ITSM & SIAM capability touches everything across the complete end-to-end Service Provider ecosystem and Service Value Chain. The impact of not getting this right can be significant, particularly for the Customer Experience, ongoing Supplier relationships, productivity, and culture".

Whether you're in the industry or curious about future trends, this piece will provide a glimpse into what the future might hold. Check it out!

"Education on SIAM is a key driver in a lot of my consulting engagements, as it can be misinterpreted on many levels. My goal is to help guide my clients to clarity and to work with them to create a practical SIAM Roadmap and methods on the right way of adopting SIAM".

Harp Strategy would love to assist your Organisation or Agency to provide the right clarity on your path forward, to adopt SIAM.

SIAM; Harp Strategy; ITSM; Best Practice; Service Integration; Holistic SIAM;  Integrated Culture Coach;
Harp Strategy; SIAM; ITSM; Integrated Culture Coaching;

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