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Service Integration Clarity: Pandemic Driven

Covid-19 has certainly given us valuable insight into what is important in our lives, in more areas than we could have ever imagined.

We have witnessed an individual response of our family, friends, colleagues, and leaders, as we are forced to navigate unexpected and complex change in our personal and professional lives.

The importance of a Human-Centric approach to how Organisations have responded to Covid-19 was essential, inspiring and contributes to a connected culture.

But what will be just as important, is what happens next.

Will we now listen, evaluate the gaps, and challenges, and understand the opportunities which will support the people who deliver our Services?

We have an opportunity to improve how we integrate our Services for a new future Model.

A world-wide pandemic has forced Corporate's to re-evaluate their entire operating model.

Our Strategic direction may take a very different path now, with more focus on how we can increase value and investment of existing Services and Technology.

There are many important elements within your current supply chain which are critical to align, to deliver Service Value, but are so often overlooked and not integrated with the same focus we place on technology system integration.

The functions, practices, frameworks and people is what will govern us and if not part of a holistic Strategic Plan, we may continue to make the same mistakes which directly impacts ROI and Benefits Realisation.

When we look at how we manage all components of our business end-to-end, it can give us clarity on how to support new ways of working in a fluid environment.

To recover from a pandemic financial hit, will likely take time and require a significant capability and productivity uplift. Implementing new technology on it's own to fix a problem, just won't be enough anymore.

When Services underpinned by Technology, are also supported with a holistic integrated view, we have an opportunity to deliver and achieve so much more.

Through end-to-end collaboration, Organisations can shift their focus to orchestrate practical Service Integration, and increase adoption, productivity and agility compared to an isolated approach.

You are dependent on your Service Providers (Internal and External) to drive Service Quality, Value and Improvement for your Customers. A good embedded relationship across your ecosystem is your best investment to create a true integrated model and uplifted customer experience.

"We are in this together" is a Mantra that can continue to be carried forward. We have an opportunity to instill this culture across our Services.

Collaboration and Culture should be part of your Strategy. This is the foundation to underpin true transformation and a mutually driven Service Integration Strategy.

Service Integration & Management (SIAM) is a Best Practice standardised methodology for integrating and managing multiple Service Providers and their Services (Internal and External) across the Enterprise Business.

It enhances the management of the end-to-end supply chain and provides governance, management, integration, assurance and coordination to maximise value.

SIAM is cross-functional, cross-process and cross-provider integration in a complex sourced ecosystem. It ensures all parties understand and are empowered to fulfill their role and responsibilities to deliver the outcome they are responsible for.


A SIAM Model will engage and empower Service Providers with the right level of governance, which is practical and achievable. It provides visibility and confidence to support business and social continuity for ongoing operational resilience.

Applying a holistic lens over your entire ecosystem, allows you to orchestrate Services using a more contemporary agile approach to Service Management and Business Management practices, which can be adjusted to suit individual Service Offerings and Providers.

This is sustainability.

This will allow you to shift, adapt, and ride the tide of change, in our dynamic new world.

Harp Strategy

Harp Strategy offer holistic Best Practice Service Integration Consulting and Assurance Services, using a Human-Centric approach.

Please contact us for a chat. We love to hear about your experiences, and to understand how we can support you.


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